Digitization journey for your hotel with IOLITE



Every hotel has its own unique flavor. We analyze your current state and together we build a solution to address your hotel’s appeal and uniqueness.



We design the digital architecture that aligns with your existing setup without requiring extensive refurbishing. We facilitate easy plug and play, maintenance free solution with self-powered devices and sensors.



We Implement and adapt interactive apps with scalable and flexible app-based approach for guests and hoteliers, which are accessible via touch-based console and dedicated intuitive user interface aliging to your hotel design.



We deploy the solution to your hotel environment and integrate with your existing PMS system. We provide continous OTA updates and support for your solution, so that you can concentrate on what you do best - Serving your guest.

Revolutionize Hospitality with Digitization

Digital Guest Experience
  • Digital In-Room Experience
  • Digital In-Hotel Services
  • Contactless Guest Journey
Improved Staff Efficiency
  • Process Optimization
  • Guest Requests Management
  • Service Analytics
Facility Management
  • Energy Management
  • Intelligent Cleaning
  • Preventive Maintenance

Benefits for Hoteliers to Deliver Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

Personalized Welcome Services

Guest checks-in and their assigned room is set with pleasing temperature with positive lighting and a personalized welcome message.

Guest In-Room Services

Guest can quickly access all the housekeeping services, set the DND Status - all through the touch-based console and app.

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Benefits for Up and Cross Selling for Hoteliers


In-Hotel Services

Guests can now access the restaurant occupancy and book a table. Guests can now check the parking occupancy in hotel space, book car/bike rental services, enabling a smooth exploration of the wonderful locality.

Event Notification Services

Hoteliers can update the guests with the events happening in the hotel, advertise with the new guest offers and keep them updated with the hotel FAQs.

Guest Requests Management

Hotel staff can quickly and digitally coordinate for managing the guest requests. Be any service, serve your guests at one tap.

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Benefits with Process Optimization for Hotel Staff

Intelligent Cleaning

Based on the movement and air quality sensors data, Hotel manager receives recommendations for cleaning requirements and additions for current cleaning routines. Hoteliers can now manage automated demand based cleaning for maintaining hygene and cleaning requirements.

Preventive Maintenance

Hotel staff can effectively manage the hotel assets with damage reporting tool. Hoteliers receive recommendations for asset maintenance for optimal inventory management.

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Benefits with Energy Efficient Operations


Contactless Hospitality with Energy Management

Integrate your HVAC and lighting systems in guest journey. Guest checks out from the hotel room, The status in the PMS is updated, HVAC and lighting systems are driven back to standard values. Contactless and effortless steering!

Energy Analytics

Hotel managers can now remotely control and monitor the heating and air-conditioning systems of the rooms and manage the unwarrented usage. Hotel managers receive insights and recommendation for optimal energy operations with state of the art energy analytics.

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