The IoT Operating System for Smart Spaces

IOLITE is hardware-agnostic and runs on a variety of hardware gateways (starting with ARM-SoCs to virtualized containers), assuring easy deployment and adaptation to new hardware platforms, in case a speciailized gateway is needed to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Edge Computing

The IOLITE OS comes with maximum deployment flexibility. It can be deployed on industrial gateways, consumer gateways and cloud. The edge-driven cloud capabilities realise interoperability and privacy in true sense.

Platform Technology

The IOLITE OS realizes the full potential of smart spaces with interoperable and secure AI driven platform. With the ability to connect sea of devices and sensors supported by the unified building data model, IOLITE OS realizes complex implementations simpler.

Open & Extendable

Broad range of northbound API end-points assures easy use, extension and integration of IOLITE with existing systems, services and apps, both on premise and in the cloud.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

IOLITE architecture spans 5 layers - with drivers for connecting sensors and devices, data processing and analytics components up to APIs and cloud connectivity.

API and Cloud Connectivity

IOLITE API and cloud connectivity unlocks new avenues with scalable and flexible app-based approach providing seamless integrations across platform

Data Analytics and Insights

IOLITE analytics engine helps to derive data-driven insights with machine learning.

Unified Building and Device Data Model

IOLITE Data Modelling eases data processing with state of the art, automated data abstraction.

Driver Management API

IOLITE driver management ensures interoperability and flexibility with easily extensible protocol coverage.

Devices and Sensors with Offline Mode

IOLITE device management enables to connect sea of sensors and devices to IOLITE OS. Edge-computing allows offline mode of execution for sensors.

IOLITE Services

Providing a smart service ecosystem whilst ensuring privacy and interoperability

Comfort and Safety
Comfort and Safety

Personalization and smart integration services

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Digital Processes
Digital Processes

Integration and value added services

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Energy Management
Energy Management

Services for energy efficiency

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Facility Management
Facility Management

Services for optimal operations

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