A complete package for digitization of your office space



We analyse your existing infrastructure and technology, map it to your needs and derive an optimal solution for transformation of your office space.



Together, we design the digital architecture with maintenance free self-powered devices and sensors that does not require extensive refurbishing.


Implement and Integrate

We implement and adapt feature set and integrate with your existing systems through the powerful IOLITE OS supported by data analytics and interoperable middleware.


Deploy & Support

We cover the entire lifecycle with deployment of the solution. We provide regular OTA updates and support for the solution.

Digitalization for New Work

  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Space Booking
  • Access Management and Safety
Space Manager
  • Space Usage Analytics
  • Physical Distancing
  • Visitor Management
Facility Manager
  • Energy Management
  • Intelligent Cleaning
  • Preventive Maintenance

Benefits with a Digital Co-Creative Workplace


Intelligent Office Space Experience

Employees receive optimal and comforting space experience with automated temperature control, bio-adaptive lighting and air quality management.

Space Booking

Employees can book and free the workplaces and receive the recommendations based on ambient conditions and occupied spaces.

Conference Room Management

Employees can book and free the meeting rooms and check if the current meeting room is occupied or not. With integration to office tools, meeting rooms management has never been easier.

Access Control and Safety

With easy integration to smart lock systems, employees receive harmonious experience throughout the office space. Centralized integration with alarm systems improve safety with emergency notification.

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Benefits with Flexible Space Management

Physical Distancing

Space managers can activate physical distancing, set parameters such as capacity change, no. of employees and smart algorithm designs space allocation, leading to safe and healthy environment.

Space Usage Analytics

Space managers can monitor and visualize space booking and conference room management activities and derive insights, leading to cost efficiency.

Visitor Management

Space managers can easily to manage the visitors with space booking notification, holistic indoor navigation and access control.

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Benefits for Facility Management


Intelligent Cleaning

Facility manager is notified about the cleaning requirements of the specific space based on the holistic sensor data monitoring. Facility manager is able to monitor the cleaning routine of specific space, leading to cost savings with demand based cleaning.

Damage Reporting and Preventive Maintenance

With automated asset management, Facility Manager can monitor and visualize office asset details, damage reports and get notified about required maintenance activites.

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Benefits for Energy Management

Energy Analytics

Facility manager can optimize the usage of lighting and heating with profile management and visualize floor specific insights for energy usage leading to cost efficient and carbon neutral building.

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