Digitization journey for housing industry with IOLITE



Together we innovate for the solution that best suits your needs. We analyze the existing infrastructure and plan for your transformation journey with suitable use-cases and optimal business model.



We design the digital architecture that aligns with your existing infrastructure. A solution with easy plug and play, maintenance free self-powered devices and sensors.



Transforming your tailored solution design into reality. We implement and adapt the feature set and interactive apps through the powerful IOLITE OS powered by data analytics and interoperable middleware.


Deploy & Support

We install the solution in less than an hour per apartment, provide regular software updates. We provide full-stack support for the solution. With contiuous development, we deliver value-added services and integrations.

Benefits of IOLITE Smart Home Solution

  • Improved Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
Building Owners and Operators
  • Enhanced Facility Management
  • Improved Tenant Engagement
  • Value-added Services

Benefits For The Residents


Improved Comfort

Enhance your comfort with personalized routine design with automated lighting, automated heating, air quality management, and voice control.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Protect your property against burglary and natural forces thanks to the integration of numerous sensors and security components such as intelligent door locks, cameras, motion & smoke detectors or door & window contacts.

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Energy Efficiency

Thanks to intelligent energy management, you can reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint. In addition, with IOLITE you can use sustainable and battery-free components.

Data Privacy

The protection of the privacy of our users has the highest priority for us. With IOLITE, no cloud connection is required - each apartment can be operated offline. Data processing and intelligent automation take place on the gateway within your own four walls.

The transport of sensitive data to the outside is only performed with the explicit consent of the users and only for a clear purpose, such as remote control via Smartphone App.

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Benefits for Building Owners and Operators


Enhanced Facility Management and Tenant Engagement

IOLITE enables efficient and easy tenant-rental communication directly from the apartment. News, appointment announcements and damage reports are accessible directly in the apartment via touch screen or app.

Whether elevator status, status of the damage report or the maintenance plan from the housekeeper - all information is easily accessible for the facility management staff and can be visualized uniformly for the residents.

More about Facility Management

Extensibility and value-added services

Smart buildings are constantly evolving. Easily retrofittable, innovative value-added services of the IOLITE platform guarantee the sustainability of the solution.

IOLITE offers a wide range of useful additional functions for residents, which can be individually configured. Connection to public transport, heating cost evaluation, weather information, and much more.

At the same time, IOLITE solutions are connected to subsequent processes, e.g. back-end systems of the rental company or central dashboards of the real estate operators, thus contributing to the digitalization of the properties.

More about Digital Processes

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