The journey of digitization of Care Facilities with IOLITE



We analyze your existing infrastructure and technologies and together we build solution set to address your care facility's requirements.



We design the digital architecture with self-powered IoT technology that aligns with your existing infrastructure without requiring extensive refurbishing.


Implement and Integrate

We implement and adapt feature set and integrate with your existing systems through The powerful IOLITE OS supported by data analytics and interoperable middleware.


Deploy & Support

We deploy the solution to your environment. We offer full-stack, platform operations as well as 1st & 2nd-level support of the complete solution.

The Facility That Takes Care of You

  • Improved Comfort
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
  • Optimized Digital Processes
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
Facility Management
  • Energy Management
  • Preventive Maintenance

Benefits for Patient care with Ambient Assistance


Ambient Assistance

The automatic lighting and heating system simulates the natural day and night rhythm for the patients with automatic light intensity and temperature control.

Movement Detection

Patient activities are detected through various sensor sources and the ambient assistance services provide visualization of activities for the caretakers for evaluation.

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Benefits for Digital Processes and Facility Management

Digital Documentation for Caretakers

The overview for caretakers shows only the most important information. If required, historical patient data can be evaluated with detailed visualization.

Digital Processes Integration

The recorded data can be easily integrated or exported to other systems. Processes can thus be digitized and optimized. This saves time for nursing staff and lays the foundation for data-driven decision-making.

More about Digital Processes

Energy Management

With advanced heating management and energy analyses, it is possible to achieve significant energy cost savings of up to 30%.

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Preventive Maintenance

The facility management team gains insight into the condition of complex building facilities and is alerted to any problems identified. Networked sensors (e.g. water, pressure or temperature sensors) are automatically monitored. IOLITE data analytics assist with the maintenance of the building systems.

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