IOLITE Digital Transformation Process for Smart Spaces

A single sensor or a multi-story building - the multi-protocol IOLITE platform connects all devices seamlessly. Open for new technologies and based on intelligent algorithms, IOLITE provides customers with maximal flexibility for building smart spaces.


IOLITE supports its partners and customers with extensive consulting for solution conception, planning and design ensuring reduced risks.

Planning and Installation

IOLITE helps you to plan for a hassle-free perfect smart spaces experience. IOLITE offers On-premise installation in new and existing buildings that does not require extensive refurbishing!

Operation and Support

IOLITE provides OTA updates with fully-automated asset management with 2nd level Support for smooth Smart Spaces operations.

Platform Economy

IOLITE grows the intelligent services and app portfolio with solution specific API driven services integration, adding a dimension to platform economy for smart spaces.

Discover the endless possibilities

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Care Facilities

Increase patient comfort and staff efficiency in ambient assisted living & care facilities

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Homes and Residential Apartments

Complete smart home package for new and existing apartment building & houses

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Enrich guest experience, staff efficiency and support sustainability goals

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Transforming office environments into energy-efficient, comfortable, secure and productive workspaces

Public Buildings

Retrofitting public buildings to lower the energy consumption and lower CO2 footprint

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Smart office saving up to 30% energy costs

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Meine Intelligente Assistenz

Meine Intelligente Assistenz

Digitization of 600+ existing apartments

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Connected, creative innovation workspace

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