The high potential of the German and international smart home market is indisputable. IOLITE offers a unique smart home ecosystem already today. In the future, our smart homes will become parts of smart cities and the cornerstones of the emerging e-health, e-mobility, e-energy and industry 4.0 markets.

Join us on this journey. Our ecosystem combines cutting-edge technologies with consulting, system integration and support services, in a busness-to-business offering. Our goal is to assure you, as our partner, the optimal integration into our open ecosystem and partner network.

As a spin-off of Technical University of Berlin and founding member of the Connected Living alliance, we assure a constant know-how and innovation transfer from smart home and smart service research into IOLITE.

What makes IOLITE unique? The most important aspects at a glance:

Holistic and role-based. We cover the whole smart home ecosystem by providing tools for users, developers, providers, device manufacturers and installers.

Open. A digital marketplace for creative developers is offered to share new apps directly with all users, assuring a continuous value growth.

Easily extendable. Seamless integration of new devices and sensors, while preserving the »write once, run anywhere« principle. A device abstraction layer assures that apps written today will work with tomorrow’s devices, without any need for modifi cation.

Smart and adaptive. General situations like ‘User is at home’ or ‘User is on the move’ are detected automatically, regardless of the hardware infrastructure of a particular smart home. On the basis of these reusable building blocks, developers can easily implement adaptive behavior in their apps.

Personalized. Customized. Modular. UI personalization as well as functional customization is offered, while still remaining platform independent. Business partners can approach the users through their own apps or by dedicated app stores.

Let us write a new chapter of the smart home success story!

The multifaceted IOLITE ecosystem offers cooperation opportunities and benefits for all participating partners. Contact us now to join us on this exiting journey!