The smart home ecosystem.

Your smart home. At your fingertips.

The unified home control center enables you to manage all devices, home automation and further applications with the greatest of ease.

Incredibly smart. Incredibly small.

Your smart home is powered by the IOLITE gateway. It easily fits into one hand, yet it brings all the power needed.

Everything under control. Always.

Through generic device abstraction all connected smart home devices can be used - you donĀ“t have to commit yourself to certain manufacturers or technologies.

IOLITE supports all devices

One platform for all use cases.

Ambient assisted living

Our solution enables elderly to continue their normal lifes in their known homes as long as possible. This comfortable and safe support is powered by a range of assisting applications and the high compatibility towards existing devices in the field of ambient assisted living.


The unified control center is the gateway to your smart home environment. It shows all your connected devices and allows convenient configuration and control. With the rule editor otherwise complex home automation becomes a matter of drag and drop.


The built-in energy management solution offers smart metering and analysis to ultimatley reduce your energy consumption. With the rule editor your energy balance can be improved even further by implementing smart rules.


All medical relevant data and functionalites are bundled and seamlessly working together. Therefore application functions like smart recipe recommendations based on your health data are possible. All your data is secure and only stored on your very own smart home gem.


The built-in security manager is the unified place to setup your secure smart home. The rule editor allows easy, drag and drop creation of causal trains, for example sending an email notifcation if a movement has been detected.

One platform for all roles.


As a user of the platform you may arrange and create your smart home according to your ideas. Within a unified home control center all devices, automation rules and further applications are manageable with the greatest of ease.


As an installer you support and advise the user by arranging his smart home. Tools like the home modeller and the 3D home viewer enable smart and easy configuration of the smart home environment.


As a developer you create applications and assistants, to support the user in his daily life in his smart home. With the provided Software Development Kit apps can comfortably be build and published to the store.


As a provider you engage yourself in quality and content management. Your store offers a central platform for provisioning of assistants and rules for users to download and use within their smart homes. Integration of your external services further enhances the users smart home experience.


As a manufacturer you produce devices and systems which are easily integrated into the IOLITE smart home ecosystem and thereby offer extra value for your customers.

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